Richard is a Canadian film critic, radio host, author and a true authority on ALL things related to pop-culture, and Andrea is an award-winning broadcast editor who works with The Movie Network. They both love film, and both love travel. They especially love New York City, so much so they officially tied the knot at Sardi's - a restaurant known for a plethora of autographed caricatures hanging on their walls. So! The popcorn represents film, the suitcase travel, and the menu, caricatures (I drew one for each of them and added Kermit the Frog as he is actually on the wall in Sardis and it turns out that Andrea loves him!) and red checkered table cloth base represent Sardis and their love of New York. This cake was lemon/rosemary with buttercream fill.

I did this chocolate cake with buttercream fill when Pam was working at the Toronto International Film Festival. Prior to that, she was working in television. Josh was a HUGE fan of football (soccer), his team is Arsenal. The film strip captures her role at TIFF, the TV guide her time in broadcast, the soccer ball (made of chocolate cake) with the team crest and Josh in shorts and socks for the wedding illustrates his obsession with the game :)

This cake was done for a young woman by the name of Hanna who was celebrating her Bat Mitzvah. Hanna is an avid swimmer, loves her music and Tiffany jewelry, hence the classic blue Tiffany gift box and floating heart. The box was chocolate cake, the towels were lemon/rosemary - both with buttercream fill.

Helena and Adrian are both fans of reading and travel. Helena loves tea and all things British (so I sat them in a big tea cup made of solid sugar!), and Adrian is an avid collector of watches and is a huge Habs fan. I was determined to create a watch that actually kept time for the entire wedding - and it did! The watch itself is entirely made from sugar and the motor of the watch and the hands are the ONLY non-edible things you will see on this page.To capture their passion for travel - a couple of the book titles have travel themes.

Dana turned 40! I've always felt that turning 40 was a pivitol year for me - so I tried to weave into this cake some of what inspired me in my early 40s. Dana has always been very fashion forward, and I knew that one of her favourite stores in Toronto was Holt Renfrew, hence the chocolate cake shopping bag with buttercream fill. The pearls represent pearls of wisdom, and the check list indicates all of the wonderful things she has accomplished up to this point in her life with a number of exciting points yet to check off.

Another Bat Mitzvah girl! Talia ADORES her cat, so I had to include her furry friend on this. She also loves shoes, shopping and anything with a zebra print on it and the colour hot pink. So! I did my best to translate that little bit of information into one big colourful and fun topsy-turvy chocolate cake for her :)

At the time I did this cake, Teri was a reporter and producer for The Movie Network in Canada and Bill is a movie producer. They met in Cannes - so film had to be the tie that bound this cake together! The two are seated upon chocolate cake film reel cans, the movie reel they are leaning against has images of them on it (edibile images of course!) and Teri is seen here on the cake getting the exclusive interview with Bill for their wonderful occasion :)

Wendy has worked in the film world for pretty much her entire career and I had the great pleasure of working with her during my time at Alliance Films. Maishe, now her husband, is in the washing machine business. So! I seated them both on a washer/dryer set, and incorporated their initials into the washing machine logo. The strip of film is symbolic of Wendy's career, and it is full of images of the lovebirds and their respective families (this was a second marriage for both). The machines are chocolate cake with buttercream fill as are the pile of towels.

I designed both of these wedding cakes for two separate competitions and was completely honoured to win for Best Wedding Cake on both occasions. The cake on the left is the royal cake I would have done for the for Kate and William's wedding if they asked me to do it :) The one on the right is the cake I would have done for my own wedding if I was actually doing cakes when Tim and I got married many years ago. We met while working in the film industry hence the film strip and sugar-sculped popcorn that is scattered on the cake, and we are both holding golf clubs because we both love the game.